Cyber Strategies is a certifying body for Cyber Essentials; Cyber Essentials Plus; IASME and for GDPR readiness

We have a range of services to offer all sizes of SME businesses and organisations and have knowledge and experience in assessing against Cyber security standards.

We want to help you be confident that your Cyber security provision is effective and up to date.

Industry News

  • Security Standards comparison & GDPR

    Security Standards comparison & GDPR

    Until 2011 the only established Security standard that businesses and organisations could adopt or align to was ISO 27001 and because the cost of not only implementation but also maintenance the standard was not taken up in great numbers by SMEs and even by many larger organisations.

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  • Cyber Essentials – does it really help?

    Cyber Essentials – does it really help?

    Since 2014 when the Government launched the Cyber Essentials, in Chartered Accountants Hall, the take up by businesses and organisations has moved slowly along its own exponential curve.

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  • GDPR, Data Security and Understanding

    GDPR, Data Security and Understanding

    There has been a great deal of hype regarding GDPR and scaremongering about fines within the media, social media and general marketing.

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