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Cyber Awareness Training

The ability of staff to spot potential threats as they appear will greatly help prevent Cyber attacks from being successful. Whilst the technology available to protect systems continues to develop and react to new threats, it is often the human involvement in systems that allows the attack to be successful.

We have developed, and can adapt, staff awareness training and testing processes to meet the varied needs of businesses and organisations to create greater security awareness across all levels of staff and management.

The service combines a monthly email update on the latest threats; a quarterly webinar to discuss areas of concern and to help further understanding of current threats; and a quarterly random email phishing test. The combination of activities will help all levels of managements and staff to stay aware of the threats from Cyber attacks, and will identify members of staff who may need further guidance when opening emails.

This is a key area in the development of a robust security provision and we seek to work with business owners and managers to provide interesting and effective training session(s), and testing programmes to identify where further training may be required.

Please contact us to find out more about the training that we can develop for your organisation using this link - Staff Awareness Training

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