Staff Awareness Training & Testing
The ability of staff to spot potential threats as they appear will greatly help prevent Cyber attacks from being successful. The service includes the following elements: -

Staff training webinars
Brief staff training sessions are delivered via an interactive online video session once every quarter and will focus on agreed topics. The timing of the training is co-ordinated with the client’s training officer or other appointed liaison. The sessions can last around 5-15 minutes and can also include a question and answer session at the end. At the end of each quarter a report will be sent to the training liaison detailing who has completed the training and the results of the question and answer sets. Benefit - The opportunity to receive a visual presentation enhances the users understanding of the subject and the threats themselves. The session can be watched by the employee at a time suitable to them during a limited time period (usually 14 days) and regular reminders will be sent to the user to encourage them to complete the training.

Email phishing tests
Emails are still the most widely used delivery method for Malware to attack individual devices and the wider computer network. The testing service is randomly timed every quarter and is designed to test the awareness and alertness of staff to identify potentially dangerous emails with either attachments or website links. Depending on the actions taken by the recipient, a report is generated to identify recipients that may need more training to understand and recognise potential threats. 
Benefit - The testing provides an assessment of the companies users’ level of awareness and caution being applied to incoming emails, and this can be improved through specific user training.

The standard charges (excluding VAT) are set out below subject to a minimum monthly charge of £20.00 and a minimum of 12 months service : (Charges are invoiced quarterly in advance) -

Number of users            Monthly charge per user
       1-4                                                    £4.75
       5-9                                                   £4.50  
       10 - 20                                             £4.00 
       21 - 50                                             £3.50 
       51 - 100                                            £3.00 
       100+                                                 £2.50 

Choose from one of our training packs below or pick and mix to suit your own requirements.

For more information about the the training that we can develop for your organisation please use this link - Email Phishing & Training.

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Introduction to Cyber Security and Cyber Crime



Social Engineering


Staying Cyber Safe

Password Security

Safe Web Browsing

Social Media Best Practices

Internet of Things (IoT)

Working from Home
Working on the Move and Remotely

Travel Security

Working Remotely

Mobile Security

Removable Media

Don’t be Cyber Compromised

Business Email


Cloud Security

Public Wi-Fi

Insider Threats