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Our special pricing for Charities

We are pleased to always support Charities with special pricing on all of our services. The pricing discounts vary according to the service being provided. The pricing is available to all charities with a UK registered charity number.

Cyber Essentials - please use this link for pricing and to sign up for an account  - Charity CE

IASME Cyber Assurance - please use this link for pricing and to sign up for an account - Charity ICA

Cyber Essentials Plus - up to 15% discount always available

The CE Plus accreditation provides the added assurance of an independent assessment to confirm the answers provided during the initial CE online process. No further questions are required to be answered as part of the process. The assessment is conducted remotely and according to the Government Test specification.

Our discount for registered Charities is up to 15% of our standard rates.


In order to provide you with a quote to carry out the independent assessment we will require some information, please complete this Request Form. Our Privacy Notice details how we will use the data collected.

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