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Email Phishing - 

Training and Testing

Emails are still the most widely used delivery method for Malware to attack individual devices and the wider computer network.


Prevention rather cure is the best approach to protect against threats of all natures and this definitely applies to the work of Cyber Threats. Our service provides a tailored approach to developing a training plan for your staff. This can be simple regular emails; interactive online training; or live presentation training. Indeed we can a combination of all these mediums.

The testing element can be randomly timed regularly over time periods agreed.  It is designed to test the awareness and alertness of staff to identify potentially dangerous emails with either attachments or website links. Depending on the actions taken by the recipient, a report is generated to identify recipients that may need more training to understand and recognise potential threats.

For more information about the the training that we can develop for your organisation using this link - Email Phishing & Training

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