Online GDPR Handbook - buy now!

We have developed an online Handbook as a framework for businesses and organisations to use a single point of reference for all their GDPR documentation both for compliance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 law but also for on-going compliance recording.

Service details
The Handbook comprises 7 sections with over 40 documents including templated polices, spreadsheets for creating inventories and other documents for internal use. The Handbook requires further content to be added by each individual business or organisation.

The sections included are as follows (see below for a list of the documents): -
1. Document Index & Control
2. Governance
3. Data Privacy Law
4. Personal Data Inventory
5. Policies & Procedures
6. Data Security
7. Contractual Requirements

We offer a remote support service to help you develop the content and to review the documents upon your request. The time is available in blocks as noted above and the time spent is deducted in 15 minute units. 

You can simply download each document, make changes and upload for us to review or simply to store. Alternatively, you download the documents and use them locally.

The prices above include the first year of hosting and subsequent years, if required, will be charged at £150.00 plus VAT. This charge provides updates to the documents reflecting the growing understanding of GDPR and enables us to continue to assist you with on-going compliance recording that you will need to do, and also with changes in your business or organisation.

Handbook Document list

Document Index & Control
1.01     Document Index & Control

Data Privacy Law
2.01     Responsibility for Data Privacy
2.02     Data Privacy Lead
2.03     Roles and Responsibilities
2.04     Communication plan
2.05     Training plan and records

Data Privacy Law
3.01     Personal Data definition
3.02     Privacy Principles
3.03     Data Subject Rights

Personal Data Inventory
4.01     Organisation overview
4.02     Data Maps
4.03     Personal Data summary
4.03.01   Personal Data Summary worksheet
4.04     Risk Assessment summary
4.05     Consent record summary
4.06     Legitimate Interests summary
4.06.01  Legitimate interests summary worksheet

Policies and Processes
5.01     Data Protection Policy
5.02     Privacy Policy
5.03     Data Retention Policy
5.04     Access Control Policy
5.05     Subject Access Policy & Process
5.05.01  Subject Access Request register
5.06     Request for Erasure Policy & Process
5.06.01  Erasure request register
5.07     Request for Data Portability Policy & Process
5.07.01  Data Portability request register
5.08     Breach Notification Process
5.08.01  Internal Breach register
5.09     Data Rectification Policy & Process
5.09.01  Data Rectification register
5.10     Data Accuracy Policy & Process
5.11     Data Deletion & Destruction Policy
5.11.01  Data destruction log

Data Security
6.01     Information Security Management System (ISMS)
6.02     Data Breach record
6.03     Security Standard achievements

Contractual Requirements
7.01     Employment contracts
7.02     Standard Terms & Conditions
7.03     Client contract summary
7.04     Data Processor contract summary